Mold Removal

In Canada over 270 species of mold have been identified. Mold in your insulation is a serious problem. With the mold removal process, it is important to find the source of the mold in your home and remove it immediately. Mold can lead to many illnesses and affect your family’s respiratory system. If there has been a leak from your water pipes or your roof, or if a musty smell has arisen, there is definitely mold in your insulation.

Our insulation contractors at Yvon Insulation are very experienced and knowledgeable about mold removals in residential insulation projects. You do not want to tackle something like mold removal yourself and potentially cause more damage by leaving behind spores to spread again. Yvon Insulation can provide you residential insulation professionals to remove your moldy insulation fast and effectively, leaving only new insulation behind with proper disposal of the old moldy insulation. Yvon Insulation understands that mold only begins when there is moisture, fixing this problem first is important in avoiding future moldy insulation. Our insulations experts are here to inform you about how to prevent and remove mold in your insulation. Please contact us immediately if you believe that you might have moldy insulation and we ensure our mold removal techniques will leave your house fresh and healthy once again.

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