Ice Damming

Ice dams form when the hot air from your attic causes the roof to heat up and the snow to melt. This allows water to run down the roof and freeze near the colder edges, eventually forming heaps of snow and ice. The new formed ice traps water and it seeps under the shingles causing the ceilings and walls in your home to become wet and stained. Further, ice damming can cause the paint on your walls to peel and rot. Around one third of your heat is lost through your ceiling into your attic, mostly due to small cracks or openings allowing air leakage. Good attic insulation is necessary! The way to prevent this process of ice damming is to keep your attic and roof cold! Our insulation contractors know where to look and what to do first in this process of removing your ice damming problem.

This can be done in different ways:

  • Sealing air leaks
  • Installing more ceiling insulation
  • Improving ventilation

One easy way to tell if you need to fix an ice damming problem is if your home forms icicles in the winter. A warm roof will form icicles if there is an ice damming problem, where as a cold roof will have a thick blanket of snow.

Yvon Insulation has been dealing with ice damming for more than 40 years, we are your most trusted insulation expert in fixing your ice damming problem. Our goal is to ensure that everything is to your exact specifications. When it’s time to start your project, we go to work and complete the renovations just as we discussed, on time and within budget.

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