Air Sealing & Ventilation

Air sealing and ventilation go hand in hand when providing your building with the best insulation. A proper air sealing and ventilation system will ensure to increase comfort, energy savings and to keep your air fresh and pollutant free! Fresh clean air is as important for commercial buildings as it is for our homes. Air sealing is also particularly important in keeping water out, any water sources have the potential to cause deterioration or other problems such as bacterial growth. The process of air sealing includes using a spray foam insulation to close or prevent any openings or cracks from allowing any moisture or fluctuation in the air flow. Caulking and weatherproofing are part of this process. Our insulation contractors emphasize the importance of air sealing being done right the first time. They follow a precise method with checks and rechecks during the entire process to make sure you get the results you desire. And that your commercial space will no longer have air leakage!

Once a building is air tight, a proper ventilation system is necessary so that you can get the right air flow in and out of your building without inviting contaminants and moisture. This will create a comfortable environment and greatly lower your energy costs. A ventilation system consists of a mechanical system in place to remove the stale air and bring in fresh air without disrupting the air tight building. A balance between air sealing insulation and ventilation is necessary so that you may make the best working air control system for your building.

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