Ceiling Insulation

Soundproofing for new builds or renovations

One of the biggest benefits of properly insulating your home is soundproofing. Specialized soundproofing insulation for your ceilings will provide adequate sound absorption between floors of your home or business. Insulation is usually also applied to the interior walls, ceilings and attics for further reduced noise pollution. Furthermore, proper insulation keeps all crevices and cracks covered in the winter so that warm air doesn’t escape, potentially lowering your heating costs. In the summer months, ceiling, floor and wall insulation prevents cool air from escaping. We believe that whether you’re building a new home or are currently in the middle of a renovation, you need to be comfortable, and that starts with maintaining a constant household/office temperature.

Unlike other insulation types, blown-in fiberglass or cellulose insulation takes advantage of a horizontal application method for easy installation. As a result, blown-in insulation can be used for residential sound insulation, thermal barriers and air draft prevention in many settings of the home. Residential insulation installation can take place in your attics, ceilings, wall cavities and floors.

Blown-in cellulose insulation alone isn’t usually enough to improve the energy-efficiency of your home. You will also require the expertise of an experienced insulation contractor as well as a well-trained team of installers to install the product properly. Yvon Insulation has over 40 years of residential, commercial and industrial experience in the insulation industry. We have more than 10 service vehicles and 20+ dedicated insulation service personnel to ensure that all of the work we do is efficient.

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