Nearly 70% of building deaths are due to smoke inhalation. Firestopping is a passive form of fire protection and safety that helps to maintain the building’s integrity. Firestops are barriers made to prevent the spread of flames, gases, and toxic smoke through any openings created during any building upgrades, plumbing, or any installations of that nature. These barriers also fill any penetrations in fire resistant walls or assemblies. This system of firestopping is required by law for any building to ensure the maintenance of fire resistant walls or assemblies incase of the spread of fire. Therefore, firestopping materials are approved or certified to perform properly in a fire or smoke emergency by Underwriters Laboratories.

All of our insulation contractors at Yvon Insulation are qualified to install proper firestopping systems. Our contractors understand the importance of proper firestopping installation to ensure the safety of your building and anyone in it. As well as avoiding any unnecessary costs due to equipment or workspace loss in the case of a fire. A proper firestopping system needs to be selected for your building and Yvon Insulation will make sure to provide you with the information to do so.

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