Foundation Blanket Wrap

Foundation blanket wraps are designed to provide insulation for concrete walls in basements of residential properties. They are a hassle free way to ensure your basement is insulated without having to be framed or finished. Heat loss from an uninsulated basement can make up 50% of your home’s total heat loss, even in a tightly sealed and insulated home. Foundation blankets wraps are created to be easily installed and lower energy costs. The foundation blanket wraps are laminated with a flame resistant facing and have a vapor resistant barrier already glued to the fibreglass. Foundation insulation will reduce the potential for water damage, mold, and increase the living environment for below-grade rooms.

Adding insulation to your unfinished basement will increase basement warmth, floor warmth in areas above the basement and overall comfort of your home’s occupants. As with any other insulation, it is important that your foundation blanket wrap is installed properly. With the chance to save up to 50% in heating or cooling costs, you want to make sure you have a trusted insulation contractor. Yvon Insulation has an experienced and efficient team of contractors that can handle all of your foundation blanket wrap insulation needs! Call us today to find out more about our foundation insulation services!

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