Fiberglass Insulation

Fibreglass sheet insulation, also referred to as rigid fiberglass insulation or fibreglass board insulation, is essentially the application of insulation boards in various locations. Less commonly utilized in a residential insulation job, board insulation is still quite prevalent in commercial, institutional and industrial insulation work.

If you are a homeowner, Yvon Insulation can help you not only save energy on heating bills, but even reduce outside noise. As a full-service insulation company serving Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Oakville, Brantford & the surrounding area, Yvon Insulation has a number of insulation products that can be incorporated in any given job. Fibreglass sheet insulation or fiberglass board insulation, for example, is available in a variety of densities and flexibilities. We have access to flexible, semi-rigid and completely rigid rectangular fiberglass sheet boards of insulation. Yvon Insulation and its team of insulation contractors has more than 40 years of residential insulation experience installing sheet insulation for homeowners in Southern Ontario. Fibreglass sheet insulation is often used to satisfy stringent performance, appearance and budget parameters. The sheet insulation/fiberglass board insulation products we utilize contain approximately 40-50% recycled material as opposed to the industry standard.

Not only is fiberglass sheet insulation damage resistant, it is even guaranteed to maintain its structural integrity over time, optimizing efficiency and energy savings for the long-term. Below are a few advantages fiberglass sheet/board insulation has over other insulation types:

  • Fibreglass sheet insulation is a lightweight, durable and resilient insulation
  • It is commonly used on vessels/objects with irregular or uneven surfaces, especially where an exterior finish is being supported mechanically
  • Some of the semi-rigid boards (fiberglass sheet boards) are utilized for exterior insulating sheathing
  • Board insulation/fiberglass sheet insulation is a high-strength, tensile, rigid board insulation for use on commercial/industrial equipment where aesthetics as well as resistance to wear-and-tear is of priority
  • Fibreglass board insulation is very useful in acoustical wall panels as well as special ceiling applications (particularly commercial, institutional and industrial ceiling applications)

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