Thermal Barrier

A thermal barrier is a coating applied to polyurethane spray foam to slow the increase in temperature of the foam or to try and make it as fire resistant as possible. Thermal barriers are passive fire proofing methods used in all insulation installations. They are designed to prevent or prolong the polyurethane spray foam from catching on fire. Polyurethane spray foam is used in various insulation applications and it can be very combustible when in contact with any fire sources. Protecting your home or commercial building is important to us here at Yvon Insulation. Out of all of our products we make sure our thermal barrier coatings are always applied correctly and follow the building code to a tee. We understand the costs created due to equipment damage or home loss in the case of a fire or emergency and our top priority is to prevent or eliminate that situation all together. Thermal barriers on your spray foam insulation is the best way to do that!

Protecting your home or building in the event of a fire is taken very seriously here at Yvon Insulation. The thermal barriers we use in our installations must have a valid building code certification number and a date. If you are ever unsure of the products we use, we are happy to show you this validation number! Please call us today for more informatio on thermal barriers or other passive fireproofing method we employ!

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